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About the Firm
by Diann M. DeJulia

DeJulia Elder Law & Estate Planning, PLLC is dedicated to the loving memory of my parents, Leon and Myrtle Kanopka.

My father, Leon, was a WW II veteran. My dad was the most supportive person I have ever met. While he often referred to me as his "brilliant mathematician daughter" (his words - not mine), he knew that I wanted a second career as an attorney, concentrating in estate planning. He would always ask, "When are you going to law school?" Unfortunately, he passed away before I went to law school, but I have a feeling that he knows. We will always be connected in some way.

My mother, Myrtle, who preferred to be called Terry, was my best friend. We talked every day! In 2014, my mom was diagnosed with dementia. Luckily, my parents had an estate plan in place. That said, it was a rough road and I still did not know what I was doing. Shortly thereafter, I decided that I want to help people who find themselves in a similar situation and do not know what to do, so I applied to law school. My mother passed away in 2018, but lives forever in my heart.  

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